Smartchem Climate-Smart High-Efficiency Crop Nutrition Project: Enhanced FAST Report

Faster Approach to Small Nonsovereign Transactions | June 2022

The project will finance capital expenditure (capex) and research and development (R&D), and training related to STL’s enhanced-efficiency specialty fertilizer (EESF) business. It will also finance energy efficiency and health and safety-related capex. The project will support farmers to adopt EESFs, such as slow- and controlled-release fertilizers and water-soluble fertilizers, which will aid increased food production toward increased farmer income and food security in India. Higher efficiency in nutrient delivery will result in increased agricultural productivity, reduced water and soil contamination, and improved resilience to climate change.  

This report describes the terms and conditions of a project for consideration for approval by ADB under the Faster Approach to Small Nonsovereign Transactions (FAST) framework.

This document dated June 2022 is provided for the ADB project 56137-001 in India.