Agency-Level Use of Country Safeguard Systems for Indonesia’s State Electricity Company: Draft Equivalence Assessment of Involuntary Resettlement Safeguards

Documents Produced Under Grant/Loans/TA | August 2018

This document assesses the extent of equivalence between the involuntary resettlement safeguards set out in the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) 2009 Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS), the framework of Indonesia’s national laws and regulations that establish involuntary resettlement safeguards, energy sector laws and regulations, and Indonesia’s State Electricity Company’s (Perusahaan Listrik Negara/PLN) internal regulations. Law No. 30/2009 on Electricity stipulates that land acquisition for the purpose of providing electricity should be undertaken in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations on land acquisition. The equivalence assessment analyzed more than 70 national and sectoral laws and regulations and PLN regulations which are directly or indirectly related to involuntary resettlement safeguards.

Documents produced under projects are material produced in the course of the project, or as outputs.

This document dated August 2018 is provided for the ADB project 47287-001 in Indonesia.