COVID-19 Vaccine Support Project under the Asia Pacific Vaccine Access Facility: Report and Recommendation of the President

Reports and Recommendations of the President | October 2021

The project will finance the procurement of vaccines against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), logistics, and capacity strengthening for the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic through APVAX. The rapid response component and the project investment component under APVAX will be utilized. The project will support the implementation of the National Vaccination Deployment Plan (NVDP), in line with Strategy 2030 of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The report and recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors (RRP) document describes the terms and conditions of a project for consideration and approval by ADB's Board of Directors.

This document dated October 2021 is provided for the ADB project 55206-001 in the Kyrgyz Republic.

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