Improving Transport Services in Ger Areas: Grant Assistance Report

Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction | December 2019

The project has strong pro-poor, socially inclusive, and gender-sensitive features. The project will directly benefit 12,104 females and 11,540 males, of which 7,336 are children, and 454 are persons with disabilities (PWDs) in two Khoroos (districts) in the ger areas. The project will have wider impacts through the demonstration of solutions to improve safety, accessibility and quality of public transport services, and improving road safety, which can be replicated in other transport corridors in Ulaanbaatar. The pilot has been designed to be replicable in other precincts by the government. A humancentered design (HCD) approach involving active participation of users has been adopted for project concept design and will continue throughout detailed design and implementation.

Grant assistance reports provide background information on the project including the rationale for grant funding rather than lending.

This document dated December 2019 is provided for the ADB project 52374-001 in Mongolia.

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