Climate-Friendly Agribusiness Value Chains Sector Project: Report and Recommendation of the President

Reports and Recommendations of the President | September 2018

The proposed project supports fulfilling the government’s Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS), 2018–2023 and the National Export Strategy, 2015–2019 by boosting competitiveness in value chains for rice, beans, pulses, and oilseeds in the Magway, Mandalay, and Sagaing regions in the central dry zone. The project will increase climate resilience for critical rural infrastructure, promote quality and safety testing capacity, strengthen technical and institutional capacity for climate-smart agriculture, and create an enabling policy environment for climate-friendly agribusinesses. The project will reduce food insecurity and rural poverty, increase incomes and access to markets for smallholders and poor landless households, and improve resource efficiency and environmental sustainability for agribusinesses.

The report and recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors (RRP) document describes the terms and conditions of a project for consideration and approval by ADB's Board of Directors.

This document dated September 2018 is provided for the ADB project 48409-003 in Myanmar.