Building Resilience to Climate Change in Papua New Guinea (Additional Financing)

Additional Financing (Cofinancing) | August 2018

The proposed additional financing will expand the scope of and increase project benefits. The existing design-life expired wharf will be rebuilt with innovative climate adaptation features. Climate resilient building codes and design standards will be developed based on the pilot climate proofing of the wharf in Alotau. There is high demonstration potential in replicating the climate proofing design at the wharf to other vulnerable coastal maritime infrastructure in PNG. The proposed additional financing project contributes to sustained access of outer island communities to basic needs post-disaster and extreme climate events. During normal operations, the wharf contributes to increased economic activities to support the livelihood and social needs of the communities, particularly women and children. Additional financing is considered appropriate because the additional component will augment the outputs and outcome of the original project by delivering additional and immediately tangible benefits to Milne Bay Province. The overall project remains technically feasible and is accorded high priority by the government; and is consistent with the project’s development objectives and the current ADB’s country partnership strategy for PNG, 2016–2020.

This document dated August 2018 is provided for the ADB project 46495-003 in Papua New Guinea.

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