Accelerating Sustainable Development: Investing in Community-led Strategies for Climate and Disaster Resilience

Documents Produced Under Grant/Loans/TA | October 2017

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Unless climate change and disaster risks are effectively managed, their impact will continue to undermine efforts to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable growth. Addressing these risks will require investments that build resilience by targeting the most vulnerable; tapping local knowledge, capacities, and resources; and focusing on a combination of structural and nonstructural measures to produce multiple benefits over different time frames. Community-based organizations (CBOs) are already leading resilience-building initiatives, which means partnerships with local communities must be the cornerstone of solutions. This report highlights four community-led strategies in which governments and their development partners should invest to strengthen their efforts to advance climate and disaster resilient development. 

Documents produced under projects are material produced in the course of the project, or as outputs. This document dated October 2017 is provided for the ADB regional project 47228-001.

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