Lessons from Community-led Actions to Strengthen Disaster Resilience: A Case from Can Tho City, Viet Nam

Documents Produced Under Grant/Loans/TA | October 2017

This pilot project in Viet Nam sought to empower communities to engage with local authorities and other relevant agencies to strengthen disaster resilience in the context of wider development through a joint-planning and implementation process. In this way, the expressed concerns of vulnerable communities could be addressed systematically through local development processes. The project was implemented by The Centre for Promotion of Quality of Life (LIFE Centre), in partnership with local Women’s Union (both national organizations) through a multi-stakeholder approach that included community members as well as the People’s Committee, line agencies, and the CCFSC, at both commune and district levels. The selection of the Women’s Union as a local implementer helped to ensure gender equality of participation, and the integration of women’s perspectives on disaster risk into the assessment and planning process.

Documents produced under projects are material produced in the course of the project, or as outputs. This document dated October 2017 is provided for the ADB project 47228-001.