Background Study on CCUS Readiness in Power, Iron and Steel, Cement and Petroleum Sectors

Documents Produced Under Grant/Loans/TA | August 2019

Documents produced under projects are material produced in the course of the project, or as outputs.

This report, Background Study on CCUS Readiness in Power, Steel, Cement, and Petroleum Sectors, aims to help prepare industries for eventual decarbonization with carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) to ensure a smoother transition to a low-carbon era. The paper presents some of the existing and upcoming CCUS technologies, assesses the potential for capture-, transport-, and storage-readiness of major CO2-emitting sectors. It also investigates the financing requirements and mechanisms, as well as policy drivers and recommendations, to advance CCUS readiness.

This document dated August 2019 is provided for the ADB project 48282-001.