Protecting and Investing in Natural Capital in Asia and the Pacific: Public Awareness and Demand Reduction (Component 3)

Consultants' Reports | March 2022

To address the problem of increasing illegal wildlife trade (IWT) perpetrated by criminal syndicates and the rising demand for illegal wildlife products globally, particularly in East and Southeast Asia, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)/Asian Development Bank (ADB)/Global Environment Facility (GEF) Project "Combating Environmental Organized Crime in the Philippines (IWT Project)" was launched on 22 November 2018. This project is a component of the ADB regional knowledge and support technical assistance (KSTA) on “Protecting and Investing in Natural Capital in Asia and the Pacific” and a child project under the World Bank-led and GEF-financed Global Wildlife Program.

Consultants' reports describe activities by a consultant or group of consultants related to preparing a technical assistance project.

This document dated March 2022 is provided for the ADB regional project 50159-001.