Protecting and Investing in Natural Capital in Asia and the Pacific: Piloting Green Finance Mechanisms and Nature-based Solutions - The Case of Xin’an River Catchment Consultant’s Report

Consultants' Reports | January 2022

This report identifies how nature-based solutions (NbS) have contributed to address threats to surface water quality that stem from agricultural diffuse (or non-point source) pollution in Xin’an River basin. The study builds on the analysis of the most innovative project components which include:(i) design and application of NbS at Huangshan Municipality and Qiandao lake in Hangzhou; (ii) piloting of transboundary eco-compensation in Anhui and Zhejiang provinces to fund NbS; (iii) use of GEP to improve and increase eco-compensation rates; (iv) use of innovative green finance mechanisms to finance NbS at project level application.  

Consultants' reports describe activities by a consultant or group of consultants related to preparing a technical assistance project.

This document dated January 2022 is provided for the ADB regional project 50159-001.