Asia-Pacific Remote Broadband Internet Satellite: Report and Recommendation of the President

Reports and Recommendations of the President | July 2019

The loan will support the construction, launch, and operation of a shared, geostationary earth orbit (GEO), high-throughput satellite (HTS) (Kacific-1), featuring Ka-band technology, which will be dedicated to low cost, high-speed, easily accessible broadband internet in Asia and the Pacific. The project will provide wide access to broadband internet connections in remote areas, where no or very limited internet coverage is currently available. The project will benefit the population in remote areas of Asia and the Pacific by increasing the availability and quality of broadband internet service, which will lead to greater sustainable socioeconomic growth and poverty reduction.

The report and recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors (RRP) document describes the terms and conditions of a project for consideration and approval by ADB's Board of Directors.

This document dated July 2019 is provided for the ADB regional project 53115-001.