Support to the Implementation of Strategy 2030 Operational Plans: Managing Migration in Asia Consultant's Report

Consultants' Reports | March 2021

The Asia-Pacific region (“the region”) is one of the key migration corridors. As per the latest International Organization for Migration (IOM) data, in 2017 Asia housed an estimated 83.6 million migrants, almost 1.8% of its total population. The bulk of these (63.3 million migrants) came from within Asia and had simply moved from one country to another. The region was also an important region of origin. Asia (including the Middle East) was estimated to be the region of origin for 105.7 million of the world’s 257.7 million migrants. 

Consultants' reports describe activities by a consultant or group of consultants related to preparing a technical assistance project.

This document dated March 2021 is provided for the ADB regional project 54023-001.