Solar Power Development Project: Report and Recommendation of the President

Reports and Recommendations of the President | July 2017

The report and recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors (RRP) document describes the terms and conditions of a project for consideration and approval by ADB's Board of Directors. This document dated July 2017 is provided for the ADB project 49339-001 in Samoa.

The proposed financing of up to $3 million to Jarcon Pty Limited and Sun Pacific Energy Limited (SPEL) will expand an existing 2.2-megawatt (MW) solar farm that has been in partial operation since April 2015. The project output will be the installation of up to 4 MW of solar power generation, owned and operated by the independent power producer, SPEL. This will be a milestone achievement in the Pacific region, where private sector developers are hesitant to take country and regulatory risks, and struggle to access long-term credit when they do take these risks.

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