Tina River Hydropower Project: Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Plan

Resettlement Plans | June 2017

Resettlement plans provide an assessment and measures, as well as time-bound actions and budgets, for projects with involuntary resettlement.This document dated June 2017 is provided for the ADB project 50240-001 in Solomon Islands.

This Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Plan (LALRP) provides a consolidated assessment and overall management measures to address project’s impacts. It has been prepared by the Solomon Islands Government to meet the applicable safeguards standard of the project financiers and should be read in conjunction with the Community Development Plan and Environment and Social Impact Assessment. Asian Development Bank (ADB) Involuntary Resettlement policy requirements have been considered and complied during the document preparation in anticipation of ADB funding although the document has not explicitly mentioned ADB and mainly referred to applicable World Bank safeguards policies. The tribal communities are not considered as Indigenous Peoples for the purposes of ADB Indigenous Peoples Policy application. Hence, ADB IP Policy has not been triggered. Nevertheless, all indicated measures in the LALRP are deemed applicable and required to be implemented under the ADB Involuntary Resettlement purview.