Support for the Human Resource Development Strategy: Study on Flows of Skilled and Unskilled Labor between Lao PDR and Thailand

Consultants' Reports | June 2015

This study focuses on the flows of skilled and unskilled labor between the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) and Thailand. It consists of three distinct parts. The first part, chapters 2 and 3, reviews the existing labor market data for both countries, including in particular the currently available data on the employment of foreign skilled labor. The second part, chapters 3 and 4, describes the findings of employer surveys that were conducted in both countries as part of the study, with a focus on the role of foreign skilled labor and foreign-trained domestic labor. The third part, chapters 5 and 6, presents projections of labor supply and demand by skill level, including the projected flows of migrant labor between the two countries.

This consultant’s report dated June 2015 is provided for the ADB project 46068-001 in the Lao PDR.

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