Access to Information Policy (Pashto Translation)

Institutional Document | September 2018

The new policy focuses on the guiding principles and the exceptions to disclosure.

ADB’s new Access to Information Policy (AIP), reflects the ADB’s ongoing commitment to transparency, accountability, and participation by stakeholders. The policy contains principles and exceptions to information sharing with external stakeholders, led by a new overarching principle of “clear, timely, and appropriate disclosure.” It will go into effect on 1 January 2019.

Details of policy implementation and disclosure requirements will be moved to ADB’s Operations Manual.

Key changes from the Public Communications Policy 2011 are:

  • New overarching principle: “Clear, timely, and appropriate disclosure.”
  • Clarified the principles of: “Providing information to project-affected people and other stakeholders” and “Continuous monitoring”.
  • Disclosure of country financial information and certain audit reports after 20 years.
  • Included a prerogative not to reply to blanket or repeated requests and to extend the deadline to respond to complex requests.
  • No mandatory policy review every 5 years.

ADB will monitor and report on policy implementation through an annual report to be posted on ADB’s website.


  • Policy Introduction
  • Policy Principles and Exceptions
  • Information Requests and Appeals
  • Policy Monitoring and Amendments
  • Policy Effective Date

Additional Details

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