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Indonesia: Enhancing Productivity through Quality Jobs

Publication | February 2018
Indonesia: Enhancing Productivity through Quality Jobs

The book focuses on Indonesia’s most pressing labor market challenges and associated policy options to achieve higher and more inclusive economic growth.

The challenges consist of creating jobs for and the skills in a youthful and increasingly better educated workforce, and raising the productivity of less-educated workers to meet the demands of the digital age. The book deals with a range of interrelated topics—the changing supply and demand for labor in relation to the shift of workers out of agriculture; urbanization and the growth of megacities; raising the quality of schooling for new jobs in the digital economy; and labor market policies to improve both labor standards and productivity.


  • Executive Summary
  • Improving Employment Outcomes and Productivity in Indonesia
  • Labor Supply and Attachment to the Workforce
  • Jobs, Wages, and Labor Market Segmentation
  • Structural Transformation and the Release of Labor from Agriculture
  • Urbanization and Labor Productivity in Indonesia
  • Education, Skills, and Labor Productivity
  • Labor Market Policies and Institutions in Indonesia
  • Glossary of Indonesian Terms