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Explore our data-rich research, policy analysis, toolkits, guidelines, and other resources on economics and key development topics. Our operational documents are also available in this section.

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Publication | March 2021

Asia Bond Monitor – March 2021

This edition reviews financial conditions in East Asia and risk implications to the global economic recovery, including the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine rollouts and liquidity conditions in regional bond markets.

Publication | March 2021

Implementing a Green Recovery in Southeast Asia

This brief outlines how Southeast Asia can focus on green growth to successfully and sustainably recover from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Publication | March 2021

Public–Private Partnership Monitor: Indonesia

This guide contains a detailed overview of Indonesia’s public–private partnership (PPP) landscape, with more than 500 qualitative and quantitative indicators for national, sector-specific, and local projects in the country.

Publication | March 2021

Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Leaving No Country Behind

This report examines the implications of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic for the Sustainable Development Goals, and opportunities for recovery.

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Publication | December 2020

Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2020 Supplement: Paths Diverge in Recovery from the Pandemic

This publication shares updated economic forecasts for Asia and the Pacific and outlines diverging projections for the region.

Publication | September 2020

Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2020

The report highlights how the region has become the biggest contributor to global gross domestic product (GDP), reaching a 34.9% share in 2019 from 26.3% in 2000.

Institutional Document | May 2020

ADB Annual Report 2019

This Annual Report provides a comprehensive account of the operational and financial results of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 2019.

Institutional Document | July 2018

Strategy 2030: Achieving a Prosperous, Inclusive, Resilient, and Sustainable Asia and the Pacific

Strategy 2030 sets the course for ADB’s efforts to respond effectively to the Asia and Pacific region’s changing needs.

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