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  • Tales from the Coral Triangle

    These 10 winning entries from the "Our Seas" story writing contest for high school students in Palawan, Philippines employ fantasy, humor, and drama to highlight the importance of protecting the ocean.

  • Asian Development Outlook 2016 Update: Meeting the Low-Carbon Growth Challenge

    Developing Asia stands to gain far more than it will need to pay to shift to low-carbon growth, according to the special theme chapter of this update to ADB's Asian Development Outlook 2016. Sharply scaling up new investments in renewable power, smart grids, energy efficiency measures, and carbon capture and storage technologies are all essential to developing Asia’s low-carbon transition. View the scenario simulator for the special theme chapter.

  • Asia Bond Monitor - September 2016

    Yields on bonds in emerging East Asian markets declined as inflationary pressures remained largely muted and persistently low global growth increased the attractiveness of East Asian bonds.

  • Asian Water Development Outlook 2016

    Despite significant progress in water security in much of Asia and the Pacific, a staggering 1.7 billion people in the region still lack access to basic sanitation. With a predicted population of 5.2 billion by 2050, the region’s finite water resources will be under enormous pressure—especially with increasing climate change.

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