ADB Gender Investor Brief | Asian Development Bank

ADB Gender Investor Brief

Publication | November 2017
ADB Gender Investor Brief

This brief provides summary information for investors on ADB's commitment to gender equality and women empowerment.

Investing in gender equality makes economic sense. Globally, it is estimated that $12 trillion could be added to the gross domestic product by 2025 by advancing gender equality.

ADB uses a two-track approach in promoting gender equality: (i) Ensuring gender mainstreaming in projects across sectors, regions, and other thematic areas (governance, climate change, disaster risk management, and social development); (ii) Increasing projects targeting women and girls and direct investments in women and girls.

Moreover, ADB has a four-tier category system with matching criteria in which every ADB project is categorized for the level of gender mainstreaming. ADB is considered an industry good practice leader, both for its gender mainstreaming screening system and performance.