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ADB Gender Bond 2018

Publication | December 2018
ADB Gender Bond 2018

This investor brief update highlights ADB’s first gender bond issued in 2017 and projects that promote gender equality in Pakistan and the People’s Republic of China.

Accelerating progress in gender equality is one of the seven operational priorities of ADB’s new corporate Strategy 2030 which commits to scale up operations and design and implement projects to empower women and girls. ADB support will focus on and capture gender equality results in five areas: (i) women’s economic empowerment; (ii) gender equality in human development; (iii) gender equality in decision-making and leadership; (iv) reduced time poverty of women; and (v) women’s resilience to external shocks, including climate change and disaster risks.

  • In 2017, 51% of ADB’s newly committed projects had components to help empower women and girls. This already exceeds the bank’s target to have 50% of its projects support gender equality by 2020.
  • Intended gender equality results were also delivered in 73% of all completed ADB projects in 2017, exceeding the 70% target for 2020. These included the increase in women’s access to jobs and other income opportunities, participation in skills training, and involvement in community and/or domestic decision-making.
  • ADB also issued its first “gender bond” in 2017—the NZ$130 million bond (equivalent ¥10 billion)—to finance a pool of eligible projects that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in Asia and the Pacific.