ADB Perceptions Survey: Multinational Survey of Opinion Leaders 2006

Publication | October 2006
ADB Perceptions Survey: Multinational Survey of Opinion Leaders 2006

In ADB's first ever independent perceptions survey, over 700 opinion leaders in 30 ADB member countries were polled to assess stakeholders' attitudes about ADB's role and effectiveness in the Asia and Pacific region. The survey is intended to be the first in a series measuring how and why attitudes and opinions toward ADB change over time. The sample included randomly selected opinion leaders from government, media, civil society, academia, the private sector, and development partners in donor countries and ADB's five operational regions.

The key findings acknowledge ADB's contribution to the development progress of the Asia and Pacific region. On its core mission of poverty reduction, ADB is viewed as doing at least an average job and often good or excellent in its work. A solid majority of opinion leaders also noted ADB's operational excellence particularly in infrastructure and regional cooperation and integration initiatives. However, opinion leaders also found that ADB lacked capacity or is spread too thinly. Other weaknesses identified were its procedures, which some opinion leaders characterized as too bureaucratic.


  • Introduction
  • Key Findings
  • Section 1: General Impressions
  • Section 2: Priorities
  • Section 3: Performance
  • Section 4: Communications and Outreach
  • Section 5: Development Issues in the Asia and Pacific Region
  • Methodological Report