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ADB Water Bonds Brochure

Publication | September 2016
ADB Water Bonds Brochure

ADB committed $2.25 billion to water projects across the water and other infrastructure and services sector; agriculture, natural resources and rural development sector; and energy sector in 2015.

Improving integrated water resources management requires sustained investments to address the water–food–energy nexus, improve the availability and quality of water supply, expand sanitation, and manage water-related disaster risk. ADB is well on track toward the target of increasing the share of sanitation from total water lending to at least 25% by 2020. The Water Financing Partnership Facility, which supports program preparation and implementation, allocated a further $4.3 million. Through these projects, ADB will help improve the lives of around 22 million people.

ADB issued its first water bonds in 2010, raising a total of $638 million. ADB has issued approximately $1.5 billion from its sale of water bonds. Proceeds raised through these bonds will be used for various water-related projects in Asia and the Pacific.