ADB's Water Sector Operations in India: Review and Way Forward

Publication | October 2011

India's water sector faces present and future competitive water demands from various sectors and the challenge of meeting them and ensuring food security without harming the environment and indigenous people.

Numerous challenges are plaguing the water resources sector, including diminishing water availability, growing multisector and competitive demands, deteriorating quality, over exploitation of groundwater, increased magnitude of flood, riverbank and coastal erosion, and issues related to urban and rural water supply and sanitation. Strategies and options to address these are briefly described in the paper. Beginning 1995 the Asian Development Bank (ADB) supported investments in India's water sector to address these challenges covering operations in the agriculture and natural resources, urban, and energy sectors. The paper analyzes these issues and enumerates the possible opportunities for cooperation between ADB and the government in developing and managing the country's water resources sector.


  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Challenges in India's Water Sector
  • ADB's Water Policy
  • ADB Investment in India's Water Sector
  • The Way Forward
  • References
  • Annexes

Additional Details

  • Water
  • India
  • WPS114086

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