Affordable Pay-As-You-Go Solar Power for India's Energy-Poor Homes

Publication | August 2013

South Asia is home to 41% of the world’s energy-poor, many of these people live in India, where 75 million rural households are not connected to the electrical power grid and another 80 million are underserved by electrical utilities.

The Asian Development Bank's $2 million equity investment in Simpa Networks aims to provide rural households in India with affordable energy using pay-as-you-go solar home systems.


  • India lacks access to energy more than any other country in the world. Energy-poor households, mostly located in rural areas, are forced to use hazardous and expensive sources of energy that pollute the environment.
  • A new technology delivers off-grid and decentralized solar power to homes where people can pay for electricity in small increments using the mobile phone’s short messaging service.
  • The Asian Development Bank’s $2 million equity investment into Simpa Networks is expected to provide over 63,000 rural households with access to electricity by 2015 while lessening carbon dioxide emission, health issues, expenses, and risks from using hazardous energy sources

Additional Details

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  • Private sector (Non-sovereign) financing
  • Energy
  • Clean energy
  • Access to energy
  • India
  • ARM135966-2

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