An Agenda for Change: Setting the Rules and Finding the Money

Publication | December 2004

ADB Water Week 2004 aimed to stimulate knowledge development in the water sector. The theme was “Water for the Poor: Setting the Rules and Finding the Money.”

Is there a conspiracy against the poor? Why is it that after concerted efforts spanning decades, many still do not have access to safe drinking water? Have conventional mind-sets and vested interests stymied progress in this direction? Achieving water security for the poor will need changes in water resource management and water services delivery to lift productivity and reduce inequality. This publication highlights the change agenda proposed during the ADB Water Week 2004.


  • Overview of ADB Water Week 2004
  • Water for the Poor: Setting the Rules and Finding the Money
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Debate on Water Financing
  • Dialogue between ADB and NGOs
  • Setting an Agenda for Change
  • Participants' Commitment to Action
  • Participants' Reflections
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • Poverty
  • Water

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