Ancient Culture, Modern Economy: ADB Projects in Uzbekistan

Publication | April 2010
Ancient Culture, Modern Economy: ADB Projects in Uzbekistan

With ADB's support in the form of $1.29 billion in loans covering all areas of assistance, Uzbekistan is on the move. This publication includes impact stories narrating how ADB-supported projects help in the development of the country.


  • Introduction
  • Small Grants Create Big Impact
    • Small grants through credit unions in Uzbekistan are transforming rural women into entrepreneurs, improving not only incomes but also equal opportunities
  • Taking Credit in Uzbekistan
    • In Uzbekistan, people unable to get loans are finding help at neighborhood credit unions, which are boosting home-based businesses, self-employment, and incomes
  • On Track
    • A railway modernization project is making Uzbekistan a regional leader in rail transport
  • By the Book
    • An ADB textbook project is at the heart of education reform in Uzbekistan
  • High Tech for Young Minds
    • An ADB project in Uzbekistan hopes to bring education into the 21st century by providing computers, internet connectivity, and training to schools, even in rural areas