ASEAN 2030: Challenges of Building a Mature Political and Security Community

Publication | October 2013

This paper examines ASEAN's political and security challenges in building a mature ASEAN Community.

The paper examines ASEAN's political and security challenges and prospects in the coming two decades. The challenges facing ASEAN could be classified into six broad categories: (1) the shifting balance of power in the Asia Pacific; (2) the persistence of intra-ASEAN territorial conflicts; (3) the territorial dispute in the South China Sea, (4) the programs of military modernizations undertaken by ASEAN states and the resulting prospects for an intra-ASEAN arms race, (5) uncertainty and strife caused by demands for domestic political change, and (6) the dangers posed by transnational (non-traditional) security threats. The conditions for ASEAN to build a mature political-security community are also discussed.

Additional Details

  • Regional cooperation and integration