Asia and Global Production Networks: Implications for Trade, Incomes and Economic Vulnerability

Publication | November 2014

This publication features new tools to understand how global value chains change the nature of global economic interdependence and expose national economies to adverse shocks elsewhere in the world.

Bringing to bear an array of the latest methods and data to study global value chains, the publication assesses the evolution of global value chains at the firm level, and how this affects competitiveness in Asia.

The publication has two broad themes. The first is national economies’ heightened exposure to adverse shocks (natural disasters, political disputes, recessions) elsewhere in the world as a result of greater integration and interdependence. The second theme is focused on the evolution of global value chains at the firm level and how this will affect competitiveness in Asia. It also traces the past and future development of production sharing in Asia.

This publication has been copublished with Edward Elgar.


  • Foreword
  • Asia and Global Production Networks—Implications for Trade, Incomes and Economic Vulnerability - Benno Ferrarini and David Hummels
  • Developing a GTAP-Based Multi-Region, Input-Output Framework for Supply Chain Analysis - Terrie L. Walmsley, Thomas Hertel, and David Hummels
  • The Vulnerability of the Asian Supply Chain to Localized Disasters - Thomas Hertel, David Hummels and Terrie L. Walmsley
  • Global Supply Chains and Natural Disasters: Implications for International Trade - Laura Puzzello and Paul Raschky
  • Vertical Specialization, Tariff Shirking and Trade - Alyson C. Ma and Ari Van Assche
  • Changes in the Production Stage Position of People’s Republic of China Trade - Deborah Swenson
  • External Rebalancing, Structural Adjustment, and Real Exchange Rates in Developing Asia - Andrei Levchenko and Jing Zhang
  • Global Supply Chains and Macroeconomic Relationships in Asia - Menzie Chinn
  • Mapping Global Value Chains and Measuring Trade in Tasks - Hubert Escaith
  • The Development and Future of Factory Asia - Richard Baldwin and Rikard Forslid
  • Index

Additional Details

  • Economics
  • Industry and trade
  • 388
  • 6 x 9
  • BKK135662-3
  • 978 1-78347-208-6 (print)
  • 978-1-78347-209-3 (electronic)

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