Asia Recovery Report - October 2000 | Asian Development Bank

Asia Recovery Report - October 2000

Publication | October 2000
Asia Recovery Report - October 2000

The Asia Recovery Report (ARR) is a semi-annual review of Asia's recovery from the crisis that began in July 1997. The analysis is supported by high-frequency indicators compiled under the ARIC Indicators section of this web site.

This issue of the ARR focuses on the five countries most affected by the crisis: Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. The recovery processes in these five countries together with their strengths and weaknesses are discussed. The theme of this ARR is external risks facing Asia's rebound from the crisis.


  • Tracking Asia's Recovery— - A Regional Overview
  • Country Updates
    • • Indonesia
    • • Republic of Korea
    • • Malaysia
    • • Philippines
    • • Thailand
  • External Risks to Asia's Recovery