Asia Recovery Report - September 2001

Publication | September 2001
Asia Recovery Report - September 2001

The Asia Recovery Report (ARR) is a semiannual review of Asia's growth and recovery from the crisis that began in July 1997. The analysis is supported by high-frequency indicators compiled from the ARIC Indicators section of the Asian Development Bank's Asia Recovery Information Center web site. The September Update of ARR 2001 reviews recent developments in key aspects of East Asia's economies and assesses future prospects for the region. The main conclusion is that, in the face of a global slowdown, East Asia's economic downturn will last longer than expected, with a muted rebound likely in 2002.


  • Growth and Recovery in 2001
    • Real Sector Developments
    • Asset Market Developments
    • Fiscal and Monetary Policies
    • Financial and Corporate Restructuring
  • Risks to Regional Growth and Recovery
    • External Risks
    • Domestic Risks
  • Regional Economic Prospects