Asian Development Outlook 2001: Asia's Globalization Challenge

Publication | April 2001
Asian Development Outlook 2001: Asia's Globalization Challenge

Notwithstanding the less hospitable external environment, there is cautious optimism that the prospects for the Asia and Pacific region will improve by 2002.

Asian Development Outlook 2001 provides a comprehensive analysis of 41 economies in Asia and the Pacific based on the Asian Development Bank's in-depth knowledge of the region. It also includes a broad diagnosis of macroeconomic conditions and growth prospects for the region.

Notwithstanding the less hospitable external environment, the Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2001 is cautiously optimistic that the prospects for the Asian and Pacific region remain moderate and will improve by 2002.

However, there are significant challenges that the region has to address including taking appropriate policies

  • maintain stable macroeconomy
  • promote prudent financial policies
  • adopt sound regulatory practices

There are also significant downside risks in the near-term outlook if the global slowdown persists.


  • Foreword
  • Acronyms, Abbreviations and Definitions
  • Developing Asia and the World
  • Economic Developments and Prospects
  • Economic Trends and Prospects in Developing Asia
    • Newly Industrialized Economies
      • Hong Kong, China
      • Republic of Korea
      • Singapore
      • Taipei,China
    • Central Asian Republics, Azerbaijan, and Mongolia
      • Azerbaijan
      • Kazakhstan
      • Kyrgyz Republic
      • Tajikistan
      • Uzbekistan
      • Mongolia
    • People's Republic of China
    • Southeast Asia
      • Cambodia
      • Indonesia
      • Lao People's Democratic Republic
      • Malaysia
      • Myanmar
      • Philippines
      • Thailand
      • Viet Nam
    • South Asia
      • Bangladesh
      • Bhutan
      • India
      • Maldives
      • Nepal
      • Pakistan
      • Sri Lanka
    • The Pacific
      • Cook Islands
      • Fiji Islands
      • Kiribati
      • Marshall Islands
      • Federated States of Micronesia
      • Nauru
      • Papua New Guinea
      • Samoa
      • Solomon Islands
      • Tonga
      • Tuvalu
      • Vanuatu
  • Asia's Globalization Challenge
    • Introduction
    • The Asian Growth Experience and Globalization
    • Policies for Adapting to Globalization
    • Institutional Options in a Globalizing Environment
    • Conclusions:Toward a Framework for Globalization
  • Statistical Appendix