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Asian Development Outlook 2001 Update

Publication | November 2001
Asian Development Outlook 2001 Update

This global recovery previously expected to begin in late 2001 will be delayed and only become firmly established by the middle of 2002.

The Asian Development Outlook 2001 Update examines the economic effects of the terror attacks on the United States and its aftermath on developing Asia and the Pacific economies.

The 2001 Update:

  • appraises the global economic slowdown, particularly the information, communications, and technology (ICT) cyclical downturn in the United States that has broadened to other sectors, and describes how it has deepened into a general demand-driven cyclical slowdown, and affected Europe and Japan.
  • carries an extensive analysis of recent economic developments in five Asia and Pacific subregions and 14 developing member countries.
  • highlights the region's macroeconomic fundamentals relative to other regions in the world, which should ride out the global economic slowdown.


  • Outlook for Developing Asia, and the Pacific
  • Newly Industrialized Economies
    • Hong Kong, China
    • Republic of Korea
    • Singapore
    • Taipei,China
  • Central Asian Republics, Azerbaijan, and Mongolia
  • People's Republic of China
  • Southeast Asia
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Philippines
    • Thailand
    • Viet Nam
  • South Asia
    • Bangladesh
    • India
    • Pakistan
  • The Pacific
    • Pacific Island Developing Member Countries
    • Papua New Guinea
  • Statistical Notes and Tables