Asian Development Review: Volume 30, Number 1 | Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Review: Volume 30, Number 1

Publication | March 2013
Asian Development Review: Volume 30, Number 1

Covers the link between globalization and economic development, the relocation of low-skill manufacturing jobs, overseas direct investment flows, economic policy reforms, and the advance of the renminbi as an international currency.

The Asian Development Review (ADR) is a professional journal for disseminating the results of economic and development research relevant to Asia and the Pacific.

In this first issue of a revamped ADR, a wide range of topics related to economic and social development in the region are discussed. These span from the impacts of real and financial global integration of major Asian economies since the 1980s to a quantitative analysis of the effects of urbanization on inequality in the People's Republic of China, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


The ADR has been an important part of the history of the ADB and of its mission of reducing poverty across Asia and the Pacific since 1983. ADB and the ADB Institute (ADBI) are now undertaking a major effort to raise the profile of the ADR, with the aim of making it one of the best international journals focusing on Asian economic development and build it as a major source of knowledge on development issues in Asia and a contributor to better policy making in the region.

To raise the publication's profile, ADB and ADBI have:

  • enhanced existing editorial processes and the journal's organizational structure;
  • revamped the composition of the editorial board, including adding an honorary board;
  • organized and hosted conferences to augment academic research articles; and
  • entered into a partnership with the MIT Press as our new publisher.

Internationally renowned scholars are welcome to submit articles for publication. Papers are intended for economists and social scientists in government, the private sector, academia, and international organizations. ADR is published twice a year, in March and September, by MIT Press under the editorship of ADBI Dean Masahiro Kawai.


  • Editorial
  • Trends and Impacts of Real and Financial Globalization in the People's Republic of China and India since the 1980s by TN Srinivasan
  • Modes of Collective Action in Village Economies: Evidence from Natural and Artefactual Field Experiments in a Developing Country by Yasuyuki Sawada, Ryuji Kasahara, Keitaro Aoyagi, Masahiro Shoji, and Mika Ueyama
  • Leading Dragon Phenomenon: New Opportunities for Catch-up in Low-Income Countries by Vandana Chandra, Justin Yifu Lin, and Yan Wang
  • Investing Overseas Without Moving Factories Abroad: The Case of Chinese Outward Direct Investment by Yiping Huang, and Bijun Wang
  • The Political Economy of Policy Reform: Insights from Southeast Asia by Hal Hill
  • Urbanization and Inequality in Asia by Ravi Kanbur and Juzhong Zhuang
  • ADB Distinguished Lecture Renminbi Internationalization: Tempest in a Teapot? by Barry Eichengreen
  • Call for Papers