Asian Development Review: Volume 32, Number 2

Publication | September 2015

This issue tackles the behavior of investment and output dynamics in explaining growth cycles in India, the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises in Asia, and the rate of return to formal education in Thailand, among other topics.

It also discusses determinants of participation in nonfarm activities, an investigation of the importation of consumption goods by emerging Asia, volatility of capital flows in emerging East Asia, factors contributing to sustaining democratic institutions, and Asia's untapped regional integration potential.

About the Asian Development Review

The Asian Development Review (ADR) is a professional journal for disseminating the results of economic development research relevant to Asia and the Pacific. ADR is published twice a year, in March and September, by MIT Press.


  • Entrepreneurial Impulse, Investment Behavior, and Economic Fluctuations: A VAR Analysis with Indian Data - Panchanan Das
  • Analysis of Credit Ratings for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Evidence from Asia - Naoyuki Yoshino and Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary
  • Rates of Return to Schooling in Thailand - Kaewkwan Tangtipongkul
  • Rural Nonfarm Employment, Income, and Inequality: Evidence from Bhutan - Dil Bahadur Rahut, Pradyot Ranjan Jena, Akhter Ali, Bhagirath Behera, and Nar Bahadur Chhetri
  • Enjoying the Fruits of Their Labor: Redirecting Exports to Asian Consumers - Willem Thorbecke
  • How Capital Flows in the Midst of Excess Savings Affect Macrofinancial Vulnerability - Iwan J. Azis and Damaris Yarcia
  • Democratic Government and Development: A Survey - Piergiuseppe Fortunato
  • An Empirical Estimation of Asia’s Untapped Regional Integration Potential Using Data Envelopment Analysis - Dominik Naeher

Additional Details

  • Economics
  • Education
  • Finance sector development
  • Regional cooperation and integration
  • India
  • Thailand
  • JRN 157726-2
  • 0116-1105 (print)
  • 1996-7241 (electronic)


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