Asian Financial System: Development and Challenges

Publication | November 2011
Asian Financial System: Development and Challenges

A well-functioning financial system has an important role to play in promoting economic growth and reducing poverty. Cyn-Young Park explores the key development agenda of Asian financial systems that aims to promote economic growth and development through well-functioning financial markets and, in the process, bolster inclusive growth to support social stability and equity in the region. Pertinent issues in the region's financial sector development include: (i) supporting economic growth and development, (ii) promoting financial inclusion, (iii) balancing regulation and innovation, and (iv) strengthening crisis prevention and management mechanisms.


  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Financial Sector Developments in Asia
  • Financial Sector Development for Balanced and Inclusive Growth
  • Financial Sector Developments for Diversity and Stability
  • Policy Implications
  • References