Asia’s Energy Challenge: Key Issues and Policy Options

Publication | August 2014

This book examines key issues and policy options in the development of Asia’s energy security.

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Rapid growth has transformed Asia’s presence in the world economy: Past growth has dramatically improved Asia’s living standards, lifting millions out of poverty. Future growth will do the same. But, crucially, can Asia secure the energy it needs to fuel this dramatic economic expansion? This book stresses that the threefold challenge of energy supply security, environmental sustainability, and affordable access requires a multipronged approach. The book also explains that the region must actively contain its rising demand, aggressively explore new energy supply sources and technology, and progressively promote the regional integration of energy markets and infrastructure.

The book highlights that, unless there is a paradigm shift in the current energy use, Asia will struggle to deliver the inclusive growth needed to lift millions of its citizens out of poverty. The book also considers the range of policy reforms and technological developments that can ensure a future of ample, affordable, clean energy for Asia.

This is copublished by ADB and Routledge.


  • Asia's Energy Challenge
    • Overview
  • Energy Security, Sustainability, and Affordability
    • Oil Security in Asia and the Pacific
    • Energy Security, Sustainability, and Affordability in Asia and the Pacific
    • Energy Access and Energy Security in Asia and the Pacific
  • Energy and the Environment
    • The Environment and Energy Security in Asia and the Pacific
    • Macroeconomic Impacts of Energy Efficiency Improvements in Asia
  • Options for Energy Supply and Integration
    • Diversification of Energy Supply: Prospects for Emerging Energy Sources
    • Policy Issues in Asia's Power Sector: Balancing Economic Growth and Sustainability
    • Nuclear Power Development in Asia
    • Asia's Energy Challenge: Regional Cooperation and Integration for Energy Security
    • Energy in the People's Republic of China and India in 2010 and 2035
  • Key Findings and Policy Recommendations
    • Findings and Recommendations

Additional Details

  • Energy
  • BKK146864-2
  • 978-0-415-74930-5 (print)
  • 978-1-315-76853-3 (electronic)


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