Auditing the Lessons Architecture | Asian Development Bank

Auditing the Lessons Architecture

Publication | February 2008
Auditing the Lessons Architecture

In ADB, and most likely in other development agencies, the construction of knowledge is rarely examined and there has been a dire absence of work to find out what helps or hinders the transfer of knowledge through evaluation studies. Auditing the Lessons Architecture brings to light the contribution that knowledge audits can make to organizational learning and organizational health, notwithstanding the psychological and social barriers that organizational culture can throw up. With deserved emphasis on the organizational context for learning, this booklet shows with a real-life example how knowledge audits open opportunities in strategy development, management techniques, collaboration mechanisms, knowledge sharing and learning, and knowledge capture and storage. The knowledge audit methodology described in the booklet can support systematic identification and analysis of knowledge needs, products and services, flows, uses, users, and gaps from the perspective of learning lessons, necessary to tie in with the department's audiences.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Setting of Knowledge Audits
  • Auditing Knowledge
  • Auditing the Lessons Architecture
  • The Survey of Perceptions
  • Picking Investments in Knowledge Management
  • Appendixes