Bangladesh: Second Capital Market Development Program

Publication | May 2015

The Second Capital Market Development Program was approved to strengthen Bangladesh’s capital markets, complementing and supporting the government’s commitment to meaningful capital market reform.

If Bangladesh is to increase its GDP growth and attain its annual target of 10% by fiscal year 2021, it will have to address structural deficiencies in the capital markets by deregulating the financial system to better support the real economy and promote private sector investment..

A long-term national capital market master plan as a first tranche policy action was formulated to ensure that the new program became an integral part of a government-owned long-term development strategy. The program also ensured market stability by enhancing the Securities and Exchange Commission’s role to develop the market, promoting financial stability through joint supervision of the financial system, strengthening regulatory measures, and developing a market surveillance system.

Additional Details

  • Finance sector development
  • Financial markets and institutions
  • Bangladesh
  • ARM146971

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