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Bhutan: Development Effectiveness Brief 2009

Publication | July 2009
Bhutan: Development Effectiveness Brief 2009

As of 30 June 2009, of the 30 ADB-approved projects, energy, transport, and communications accounted for 60% of the total loan amount. The finance sector followed with 12% and the water supply, sanitation, and waste management got 9%.

Bhutan's sober, careful approach to development has yielded a steady rise in its gross domestic product, a decrease in overall rates of poverty, and steady movement toward achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. ADB has been a partner in the country's transition and development since 1982, and today ADB is Bhutan's largest multilateral development partner. ADB has provided 25 loans and 5 grants totaling $303.5 million since it began working in Bhutan. Currently, all of ADB's assistance comes in the form of grants. ADB has also provided $42.4 million for 105 technical assistance projects.


  • Bhutan and ADB: An Enduring Development Partnership
  • ADB's Contribution to Development and Poverty Reduction
  • Operational Effectiveness: Improving Efficiency and Performance
  • Future Challenges