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Building Development Effectiveness Post-2015: A Results-Based Approach

Publication | August 2013
Building Development Effectiveness Post-2015: A Results-Based Approach

A possible framework for the post-2015 development agenda should have well-being for all at its center and be founded on a results-based approach.

The current debate about the post-2015 period has generated a wide range of ideas on what the new agenda should include, and how it should be implemented. This paper seeks to contribute to the discussion by putting forward a possible framework that is focused on accelerating achievement of development results while enhancing their sustainability and accountability.

The proposed framework is composed of five levels:

  • well-being for all at the center;
  • enabled through governance, peace, and security;
  • country goals;
  • global goals; and
  • sustainability elements.

It is founded on results-based approaches and draws on the positive experience of the Millennium Development Goals Acceleration Framework. Reflecting the interdependent nature of global development challenges, the framework integrates economic, social, and environmental dimensions, with the aim of harnessing interlinkages to maximize results. The framework is expected to be applicable regardless of the final goal areas that are eventually established.

The paper also makes the case for results-based financing as a key means of improving development effectiveness and accountability for resources. Finally, the paper touches on the potential role of ADB in supporting the institutionalization and implementation of the post-2015 agenda.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Components of a Results-Based Approach
  • Lessons Learned from the Millennium Development Goals Framework: A Results Perspective
  • An Integrated, Results-Based Development Framework
  • Financing Results, Post-2015
  • Conclusions
  • References