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Building Resilient Societies: Evolving Solutions

Publication | November 2013
Building Resilient Societies: Evolving Solutions

Countries that may be considered fragile or that have experienced conflict, whether at a national or subnational level, are organizing to unify their voices on the global stage. High-level meetings have been held and declarations of intent have been issued, but this commitment needs to be translated into more effective action on the ground. A forum was held in Manila in June 2013 to translate international intent into in-country actions so that more resilient and more inclusive societies may emerge. This note summarizes the complex story of exclusion and the recommendations for action that emerge from the ADB-Australian Aid Forum on Building Resilience to Fragility in Asia and the PacifiC, the recent literature, and the latest international discussions.

Priority action

How can the marginalization and exclusion of people in fragile and conflict-affected states that result from the composite abuse of power, weak governance, inadequate state and economic policies, as well as from the impact of natural and environmental conditions, be lessened if not overcome? The Manila Forum recommended the following five priority actions:

  • participation - increase participation of all stakeholders,
  • voice - give greater voice to fragile and conflict-affected states,
  • funding - improve funding,
  • mapping - map fragility to better understand and work in the local context, and
  • measurement - measure fragility.

These actions are supported by the recommendations of recent literature as well as the latest international discussions.