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Cambodia: Development Effectiveness Brief

Publication | November 2010
Cambodia: Development Effectiveness Brief

From 1998 to 2009, ADB's lending and nonlending support to Cambodia totaled $1,171.4 million, comprising 40 loans amounting to $825.1 million, 36 grants of $280.2 million, and 107 technical assistance projects of $66.1 million.

As Cambodia’s largest multilateral development partner, ADB has supported the Government of Cambodia in reconstruction and development since the Paris Peace Agreement in 1991, which helped the country sustain a remarkable pace of economic growth and poverty reduction. Cambodia was a founding member of ADB in 1966, and as of December 2009 has received about $1.2 billion in loans and grants for the development of physical and social infrastructure, public sector management, private sector and finance sector development, and natural resource management and conservation. ADB has also provided over $100 million in grants for technical assistance.


  • Cambodia Development Indicators
  • Cambodia and ADB: From Rehabilitation to Inclusive Growth
  • ADB's Contribution to Development and Poverty Reduction
  • Operational Effectiveness: Improving Performance
  • Future Challenges