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Cambodia: Diversifying Beyond Garments and Tourism

Publication | November 2014
Cambodia: Diversifying Beyond Garments and Tourism

As the Government of Cambodia continues to build on strong growth and address emerging challenges, this publication examines the opportunities and the challenges, and offers recommendations for long-term socioeconomic strategy.

Cambodia has enjoyed over 2 decades of robust growth, with rising foreign investment and deepening integration into global and regional value chains. The country—once riven by civil war and conflict—is now politically stable and increasingly making its mark as the world’s eighth-largest rice producer, Asia’s 10th largest garment exporter, and a rising tourist destination. Yet Cambodia faces considerable challenges. It suffers from major infrastructure deficits; limited skills development and education quality; and weaknesses in governance. Fiscal resources are also stretched. Moreover, for a successful transition to a modern industrialized economy, Cambodia needs to diversify and upgrade its productive capabilities.


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Cambodia Fast Facts 2013
  • Executive Summary
  • Development Performance
  • Critical Constraints to Growth
  • Critical Constraints to Inclusiveness
  • Diversification and Upgrading
  • Summary and Policy Recommendations
  • References