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Capacity Development in South Asia

Publication | October 2007
Capacity Development in South Asia

Every year, ADB invests substantial resources in assisting its counterpart executing agencies to increase their capacities. The idea for this study stemmed from a view among senior staff of ADB's South Asia Department that there was considerable scope to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of ADB's capacity development interventions in South Asia. The analysis is based on a sample of CD interventions from the rural infrastructure and power sectors in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka; the capital markets subsector in Bangladesh; and the livestock subsector in Nepal. The study analyzes the impact of ADB's CD interventions on the capacity of key executing agencies to perform their functions and how this impact could be further enhanced.

The conclusion is that 'Most of the sector/country experiences selected for this study have been success stories for ADB. In South Asia, ADB has been doing better than it thinks it has.' However, the study still identifies important problems and lessons. To further enhance the impact of CD interventions in South Asia, the study proposes a major change in the way ADB supports CD.


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