Clean Air Scorecard Helps Clear the Air in the People's Republic of China

Publication | November 2013

Air pollution has reached alarming levels in the People's Republic of China. In some cities, air pollution indices have reached 500, the highest level set by the country.

ADB's application of the clean air scorecard in the Hangzhou and Jinan of the People's Republic of China (PRC) enabled the cities to assess and address their air pollution problems and spurred replication in other Asian cities.


  • Air pollution in some cities in the PRC has surpassed the maximum levels prescribed by its national government, and is more than 20 times higher than the safety levels outlined by the World Health Organization.
  • The Asian Development Bank, through Clean Air Asia, introduced the Clean Air Scorecard Tool to the PRC, designed to assess a locality's air pollution levels, air quality management capacity, and clean air policies.
  • The scorecard's successful application in the PRC and in several other countries spurred plans to scale up its application Asia-wide to promote knowledge exchange and cooperation.

Additional Details

  • Environment
  • China, People's Republic of
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