Climate Change in Southeast Asia: Focused Actions on the Frontlines of Climate Change

Publication | November 2010

Southeast Asia is on the frontlines of efforts to counter climate change and its impacts. The countries of the region, spread across archipelagos, river basins, and forests, are home to some of the world's most spectacular natural and cultural diversity. With much of the population and infrastructure located in coastal and river delta areas, hundreds of millions of people are at great risk from the impacts of climate change. The region's aggressive economic development plans in turn could further exacerbate the problems. Sprawling megacities and spreading agricultural lands lead to land use conversion and forest loss, which will continue to be a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

In response, the Southeast Asian countries are moving quickly to counter this significant threat to their economic future. ADB's efforts in the region include such diverse activities as promoting energy efficiency; increasing investments in renewable energy; supporting more efficient lower-carbon public transport; and reducing emissions from deforestation and land degradation. ADB is also in the forefront in assisting the region to mainstream climate change in a wide range of sectors by mobilizing additional finance, developing knowledge products, and enhancing partnerships with other donors. Confronting the issue of climate change offers an opportunity toward developing a sustainable, climate-resilient, and low-carbon economy in Southeast Asia.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Climate Change as a Key Risk to Economic Development
  • What ADB is Doing
  • ADB Responds at the Regional and Country Levels

Additional Details

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