Climate Risk Management in ADB Projects

Publication | November 2014

ADB's climate risk management approach aims to reduce risks resulting from climate change to investment projects in Asia and the Pacific. 

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ADB’s framework identifies climate change risks to project performance in the early stages of project development, and incorporates adaptation measures in the design of projects at risk. The ADB climate risk management framework comprises the following steps:

  • context-sensitive climate risk screening at the concept development stage to identify projects that may be at medium or high risk;
  • climate change risk and vulnerability assessment during preparation of projects at risk;
  • technical and economic evaluation of adaptation options;
  • identification of adaptation options in project design; and
  • monitoring and reporting of the level of risk and climate-proofing measures.


Additional Details

  • Climate change
  • Promoting climate resilient development
  • Environment
  • ARM146926-2

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