Closing Development Gaps: Challenges and Policy

Publication | July 2010

To close significant income and nonincome development gaps around the world, governments must go beyond policies that simply increase economic growth. They have to include policies that close nonincome development gaps directly.

This study investigates income and nonincome development gaps that remain around the world. Closing these gaps requires policies that not only increase and sustain economic growth, but also directly close the nonincome development gaps. The authors analyze the extent to which human capital, infrastructure, financial sector development, governance and institutions, health and education, social protection, and external trade and finance play a role in closing these gaps.


  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Key Dimensions of Development Gaps
  • Economic Growth as a Means to Closing Development Gaps
  • Closing Nonincome Development Gaps
  • The Role of Social Protection in Closing Income and Nonincome Development Gaps
  • The Role of External Trade and Finance in Closing Development Gaps
  • Concluding Remarks
  • References

Additional Details

  • Economics
  • Poverty
  • WPS102278
  • 1655-5252 (Print)

Published Version

Brooks, Douglas H., Rana Hasan, Jong-Wha Lee, Hyun H. Son, and Juzhong Zhuang. 2010. "Closing Development Gaps: Challenges and Policy." Asian Development Review 27 (2): 1–28.

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