Combating Corruption in Asian and Pacific Economies

Publication | November 2000
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This publication covers a broad set of issues ranging from corruption as a challenge to good governance and economic development to anticorruption actions at national, regional, and international levels.

It provides policymakers, business, civil-society organizations, and other stakeholders with an assessment of specific anticorruption strategies already in place and explores new approaches.

Moreover, it serves as a key element in the network building and information sharing which is essential to successful coordination and cooperation among key players in the reform effort.


  • Foreword, Executive Summary, Keynote Address and Opening Remarks
  • Regional Strategies and International Instruments to Fight Corruption
    • India's Anticorruption Strategy
    • Corruption in Papua New Guinea
    • International Instruments to Fight Corruption
    • Fostering Greater Transparency in the Asia-Pacific Region
    • Actions to Fight Money Laundering of Proceeds of Crime
  • Measures to Combat and Prevent Corruption
    • Reforming the Philippine Customs Service Through Electronic Governance
    • Anticorruption Strategies in Public Procurement
    • Curbing Corruption in Procurement
    • Corruption: The Costs for Development and Good Governance
    • Accountability and Anticorruption Agencies in the Asia-Pacific Region
    • Pillars of Integrity: Supreme Audit Institutions
    • Denying Tax Deductibility of Bribery in the United Kingdom
    • Denying Tax Deductibility of Bribery in the Republic of Korea
    • Measures to Fight Corruption
    • Combating Corruption in the Asia-Pacific Economies
    • Encouraging Good Corporate Behavior
    • Company Codes of Conduct
    • Fighting Corruption: The Role of Trade Unions
    • Managing Business Fraud Risk
    • Good Mass Media Governance
    • The Use of Report Cards in Monitoring Corruption
  • Developing Anticorruption Strategies
    • Hong Kong, China's Anticorruption Strategy
    • Strategies for Combating Corruption in Pakistan
    • Korea's Strategies to Fight Corruption
    • Anticorruption Initiatives of the United States Agency for International Development
    • Anticorruption Initiatives of the International Monetary Fund
    • Anticorruption Initiatives of the World Bank
    • Developing Effective Approaches to Implement Anticorruptions Strategies: A Summary of the Breakout Discussions
  • Epilogue, Participants and Abbreviations

Additional Details

  • Governance and public sector management
  • Anticorruption
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