Country Partnership Strategy: Nepal 2013-2017 Highlights

Publication | August 2014

This publication is a summarized version of ADB’s Nepal Country Partnership Strategy 2013-2017.

ADB’s country partnership strategy (CPS) 2013-2017 was formulated through an extensive review, consultative and participatory process. It started with the final review of the previous CPS (2010-2012).

ADB organized consultations with a wide range of stakeholders at the national and regional level. Consultations obtained the stakeholders’ feedback on the effectiveness of ADB’s assistance in the past, and how ADB could contribute effectively to Nepal’s development objectives at the national and local level.

The CPS focuses on a number of operational areas with necessary support:

  • Improving Portfolio Performance and Capital Expenditure Capacity
  • Sustaining Infrastructure and Assets Created
  • Finance ++
  • Partnerships
  • Managing for Development Results

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Nepal
  • ARM146748-2

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